A to Z Farsi is a London based company which specialises in teaching Persian (Farsi) and is an official translation agency for English/Persian (Farsi-Dari).

Our team is comprised of the highest calibre individuals who have at least seven years of experience in their fields. All translated documents produced by "A to Z Farsi" are official and recognised internationally. Our instructors, interpreters and translators are of an exceptional standard and yet our quotes are competitive.

We are fully committed to offer quality translation and teaching tailored to your individual needs. We deliver consistent value to our clients through the knowledge and expertise of our team. Our team is composed of bilinguals who have a deep insight into both English and Persian languages ensure top quality work within the agreed deadlines and confidentiality agreements.
A to Z Farsi has evolved over the last 20 years. Around 1995, a group of highly skilled and experienced Persian (Farsi)/English translators became frustrated with the interpretation and translation services available in the UK, so they decided to form a team. This resulted in a group of translators specialising in various services from trade to criminal law. Due to the overwhelming demand for this successful team, the group decided to recruit and train further. By 2001, "MZ Farsi" was formed, which not only provided translation and interpretation service but also classes in calligraphy and Farsi/Dari (Persian).

"MZ Farsi" expanded even further to become a registered company in 2004, called "A to Z Farsi".
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